DOB: 4/15/98   Wght: 165 lbs   Hght: 5' 8"   40 yd speed: 4.6 s   Shuttle speed: 4.4 s

Biography :
  • One of the league's elite running backs who possesses a unique blend of size,strength and speed. 
  • Has the LIONS' record of most touchdowns 
  • Tough, young linebacker whose speed and physical play is an asset for the LIONS' defense.  
  • Became one of the best LIONS' all around player.
  • Linebacker who has the speed to be an effective run stopper and pass rusher
  • A dangerous kick returner who has ran back the most kick returns for touchdowns  
  • LIONS' Team captain
  • Changed his number from 31 to 21 after the 2011 spring season
  • Awarded team Most Valuable Player of 2011
  • Awarded NYS 2011 All Star Team
  • Awarded team Most Valuble Player of 2012
  • Awarded NYS 2012 All Star Team and MVP